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Thursday, 13 September 2012, 10:05

Assalamualaikum and hello readers :-) Wondering what am i gonna write this time ? Read k read. Its about Muhammad Shaziery Iskandar bin Mohd Shah. Who is he ? Continue reading and you'll know. He's 16. Born in 1996 May 26. Mine is 24. Isnt that sweet ? Haha Last 26 August he proposed and i accepted. I fell in love with his eyes and his kening :D on the 30th we met for ze first time. I was so grateful that i get to meet him. its very hard for me to get out of my house and hang around like other teenagers do. I felt so lucky when i first met him. He was so Charming. He's tall. I am tall too okay :p He's handsome but very very very annoying. Yet i still love him. We met in the morning and guess what that same day, that night we met again. And thats when i get to know the real him. He's a very very very Timid person. He gets shy in everything. Lol but he loves to pinch me which for me i think its kinda cute. And the wierd part is when my brother pinch me i'll go mad. But when giery pinch me, i'll b like Awwwww, haha. Now i feel bad :( Hahaha. Sayang i miss standing so close to you, i miss hugging you. I miss playing with the Buttons on your Tee. I miss fighting with you. I miss making fun of you. I miss everything. Every single thing about you. The main reason why i love is , you accept my Dark Side. Well i think so. Thank you for staying up late with me all night. Thank you for always supporting me. Thank you for being so honest to me. Thank you for everything. You're the sweetest boyfriend i ever had. I'm not putting high expatations on our relationship. I'll just go with the flow. I love you sincerely. I trust you with every part of me. I love you Baby 
I told my mum about him. And honestly this is my first time telling my mom about my boyfriend. After showing giery's picture to her, she was like OMG are you sure this is really your boyfriend ? I asked why ? and she said he is so handsome and blablabla and she asked everything about him. I felt relieved finally i get to talk to my mom as a friend. Damn i love my mom so much. So yeah i guess, our relationship dapat restu mama. Hahaha Alhamdulillah everything is going well. I hope we can last long together. Or forever sounds better. Amin :-)