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Tuesday, 11 September 2012, 04:49
New Life

 Forget your past, forgive your self. And start Living.

When you feel that you have reached the end and that you cannot go one step further, when life seems to be drained of all purpose, what a wonderful opportunity to start all over again, to turn over a new page.Well i guess thats what i'm doing. I'm starting to blog again. I'm actually starting to Study again. Even i dont go to school alot, but heyy i do study at home. Ask my mom xp As you all knew, i was with someone last 3/ 4 months i guess. Someone whom i wish not to mention. I thought he was the one, he cared for me and did everything just to be with me. The phrase "Love is blind" Suits the situation well. I'm blinded for months, i couldnt focus in whatever i did. And i was totally lost, i was ruined, i was suffering, i made the biggest mistake in my life. I abandoned my family, my brother and others. I was absent everyday. I got bad marks for my exams. But i didnt care. I was to busy taking care of my stupid fairytales which i knew had no direction. 

Suddenly something happened and it woke me up from that stupid dream of mine. I was awake and lliterally crying every night, I was so dumb that i never realized that everything was a lie. Too many people hated me. I couldnt face anyone. That time i had my mom. My mom motivated me and gave me support, My boyfriend and my friend did too. They advised me, scolded me, and now hopefully i'm wide awake. I guess! I had nobody to share it too. My sister? She's too young. My friends ? They'r far away. The near ones? Too busy with their own life. My mom, she was there. My boyfriend ? well Sometimes. 

Dear haters, i'm sorry for what i've done to make you guys hate me. I dont care with the bad names you called me. I dont care what you said to others about me. I dont care what you did to my facebook and my twitter, I dont care what did you posted on my blog about my before posts, i dont care what you did to any of the part of my life. I dont care. Before, i was to caring about you haters, till i forgot whats important. Because of you i tried to improve i tried to be like others, i tried to look better. But no i cant. Coz this is who i am. And i wasnt born to please you guys. I am extremely sorry if what i've been doing had made you hate me. I'm sorry. I know i was a jerk before. I was too childish. Everybody grew up. I'm tired of crying because of you guys ruining my life, mocking me, doing bad things me. One day you'll feel what i feel. And believe me it hurts alot. It brought so much pain into my life. I almost gave up hope on living. I'm sorry.

Thank you to those who supported me all this time. 
Thank you for reading. 
Much loves, Snow.